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Terms and Conditions  Balletstudio Tamara Dansant


By signing the Registration form the pupil/parent of the pupil agrees to the terms and conditions of Balletstudio Tamara Dansant:

Dance year 2022/2023:

  • Our dance year is divided into two Terms (or Periods). Term 1 runs from Friday 9th of September 2022 until the 9th of December 2022.

  • Term 2 runs from Monday 9th of January 2023 till June 2023. 

  • During primary school holidays, there are no ballet classes. The schedule will be communicated through email to the pupils and it's also handed out in class.


Free Trial

  • Potential pupils are welcome to attend one trial class for free. Please do contact the teacher before through email or whats app or phone. Please inform the teacher before hand in case of any injuries and/or illnesses that might effect your dance health and possibilities.



  • When you wish to start ballet dancing with us, new students need to pay € 15,- registration fee once-only before their first class. This fee is non-refundable.

  • Pupils/parents of pupils need to complete and sign the schools registration form before entering their first class. The registration form is available with the teacher. Without a signed registration form the pupil can be refused to enter the class.

  • The registration is only completed after the registration form is handed in to the teacher and the registration fee is received by the balletstudio.

  • Pupils can choose to register, and therefore pay, for:

    • Term 1: September – December OR

    • Term 2: January – June


Tuition fees

  • Tuition fees are yearly communicated on the website.

  • There are two options to pay the tuition fees:  

              Per term:    Term 1: before 21st of September  &   Term 2: before 21st of January



  • After succesful registration, you will receive a personal invoice to pay the tuition fee by email. Fees are being paid via bank transfer.


  • Tuition fees are non-refundable. Only in exceptional circumstances, such as emigration or very serious longterm illness with medical statement, partial restitution of the tuition fees are possible.

  • When tuition fees are paid more than one month late, there will be an extra charge of € 5,- administration costs.

  • In the unfortunate case payments are over two months behind, the pupil can be refused entrance to the class.




  • Balletstudio Tamara Dansant distinguishes by small groups and personal attention with a maximum of 12 pupils in the RAD ballet classes.


  • Registrations are being processed in the order tuition fees are received. In case a class is full, a new student is placed on the waiting list and when enough students show interest, possibly a new group can be started.



  • Balletstudio Tamara Dansant is not liable for the loss, damage or theft of any personal objects or valuables of pupils or their parents/caretakers in or around the building. It is advised not to bring valuable belongings to the class. However, adults can bring their (hand)bags into the dance studio.

  • Balletstudio Tamara Dansant is not liable for any injuries or medical problems of pupils or their parents/caretakers during class or inside or around the building. General safety of the dance students is highly regarded by Balletstudio Tamara Dansant.


Dance Uniform

  • In Balletstudio Tamara Dansant students wear the prescripted uniform that applies to their Class and Grade. The prescripted uniform is communicated through the website and in the trial class.

  • Ballet: From Grade 1 and above: long hair should be worn in a neat, tight bun. This is both for safety reasons and for dance development (so the face, line of the neck and shoulders are visible).  Boys with long hair should tighten the hair as well. Please note: both hair and uniform need to be prepared  before entering class. 

  • All uniform items can be purchased through Balletstudio Tamara Dansant by filling in the Uniform Order Form. Please ask the teacher for the Uniform Order form and for any advise. Our uniform supplier is the ballet shop "Costume Share" in Amersfoort, as well as the Royal Academy of Dance.



Examinations Royal Academy of Dance

  • The aim of the balletstudio is to let as many pupils take RAD Exams and/or Class Awards. Proper training and class attendance, as well as motivation from the student, is leading. Balletstudio Tamara Dansant selects pupils that show good attendance, motivation, technique and progression to train for Royal Academy of Dance ballet Examinations and/or Class Awards. The teacher selects the candidates who  meet the requirements. Teacher has the right to withdraw a candidate for an examination, for the students own well-being. The teachers decision is final.


Missed classes

  • When a student misses a class, he/she can ask the teacher if there is another class suitable for the student to participate to catch up the missed class.


Cancelled classes

  • If, unfortunately, by any means a class would have to be cancelled due to illness of the teacher or unforeseen circumstances like Covid-19, a suitable solution will be looked for, i.e. a capable substitute teacher or online classes or dancing outside. If this is not possible, the class will be taught at the end of the dance year, i.e. at the end of June. Balletstudio Tamara Dansant has the right to cancell 2 classes in case of serious unforeseen circumstances and if no proper solution is being found, without refunding. If, unhopefully, more than 2 classes would have to be cancelled within one dance year, a restitution will be given for the rest of the cancelled classes.


  • In case of Covid or any other unfortunate situation like i.e. pandemic/international conflict/war etc. special measures are taken by Rijksoverheid , Gemeente Eindhoven and Balletstudio Tamara Dansant to safeguard the health and safety of our pupils and parents/caretakers in ballet class. If necessary, the Covid Sports and Dance Protocol will be updated and communicated to our pupils via email, studio doors and on the website under "Covid-19". 


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